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About Us

The image of an emaciated and severely stunted child, in the rain-soaked village of Bago, Myanmar, lacking the strength to stand due to hunger is etched into the recesses of my mind. For this reason, I have established the Golden Land Restoration Foundation. Gold represents hope. For the impoverished and oppressed peoples around the world, my foundation and its volunteers provide hope through sharing of food and other basic needs.

Throughout the United States, we bring food and clothing to homeless communities. In Mexico, we provide free medical and dental examinations to orphanages and patient recovery facilities. In Myanmar, we supply bags of rice and medical support equipment to land-mine victims. In the islands of Micronesia, we partner with armed forces to drop toys and household items via parachute to isolated islands without landing strips. In Macau, we provide blankets to newborn baby girls that were abandoned at birth.

My foundation will continue to enlist more volunteers, secure more donations, and synergize more assistance programs to truly bring hope and restore golden lands across the world.


A bag of rice, a toy, a toothbrush, a crutch. These may not mean much to many, but for the hungry, the child, the homeless, and the maimed, these simple items represent the stark difference between perpetual suffering and spirit-lifting hope–the hope that Golden Land Restoration Foundation brings.

-Trenton Gin


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