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Get Involved

Sponsor a Child

We work with orphans in Myanmar and China. These orphans were abandoned by their biological families, often because of their sex or a disability. They need our care and attention.

Sponsor Rice

We collect rice to provide for people affected by landmines, as well as those living in the "Cancer Camp". We also send rice to children and teachers who live and teach in orphanages. Many hungry children in these villages have been asked what they want, and they answer only "rice". 

Give a Donation

You can donate to Golden Land Restoration Foundation to reach people around the globe.



You are welcome to join and work with the Golden Land Restoration Foundation. Become a member and join our foundation! Your effort will go a long way for these children and affected adults.

Donate for COVID-19

Your donation will go towards making cloth masks for nursing homes, hospitals, cancer centers, and police departments in Los Angeles and the Greater St. Louis area. Your donation will also help more children in Myanmar receive vaccinations during COVID-19. 

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