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"Better Homes, Better Lives" Project in Myanmar

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Last Year, Mr. Trenton Gin completed the Better Homes, Better Lives (BHBL) project with Community Partners International (CPI). BHBL aims to make the lives of poor, rural ethnic minorities better. BHBL teaches farming techniques, poultry breeding, and simple business strategies to help families earn income. Health education in basic hygiene, awareness of reproductive health, and nutritional ensure healthy living. To improve sanitation people are shown how to keep bathrooms clean in rural regions and also worked to install new bathrooms, toilets, and basins. The project raised funds to provide eco-stoves, solar lights, and ceramic water filters. Volunteer teachers were used to provide high-quality education for the youth. Micro-loans were made available for women help alleviate their families' financial burdens.

Community Partners International (CPI) is an international organization that empowers communities in Asia to meet their essential health, humanitarian, and development needs. CPI was founded by U.S. doctors and philanthropists in 1998, and has grown to serve more than 500,000 people each year in Myanmar and Bangladesh; CPI’s focus is on communities affected by conflict, violence, and displacement, in remote and hard-to-reach contexts, and those marginalized through poverty and exclusion. This project, which began on February 1st of 2018 and is planned to continue until December 31st of 2020, is an initiative intended to build stronger and more self-sustaining communities and improve the health of populations in the rural regions of the country of Myanmar.

FIG 1: This is the Theory of Change diagram used for the BHBL project. As shown by the diagram, the Theory of Change for the BHBL project is to build a domestic environment for rural residences. In this environment, BHBL will help develop a microcosm that benefits from similar infrastructural and resource-providing systems that more urban settings have.

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