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A Visit to the 'Cancer Camp' in Myanmar

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

The ‘Cancer Camp’ was originally built by a monk on a piece of land donated by the government. As it stands now, it is a ten-acre plot of land that has over two-thousand patients of many kinds of illness (tuberculosis, mental illness, broken limbs, cancer, heart diseases, etc.). Some residents recovered from their illness but still stay in the so-called 'Cancer Camp' because they are homeless and without family or relatives. Many of the residents suffer from mental illness.

The two girls smile happily at the camera, giving us the peace sign. They live in the 'Cancer Camp'. The 'Cancer Camp' started as a small piece of land with simple huts to house cancer patients.

The Cancer Camp is the home for many without anywhere else to go.

Women volunteers helping those living at the Cancer Camp.

Men's area at the Cancer Camp.

A woman living at the Cancer Camp. Some of those living in the Cancer Camp cannot afford housing and medical help. Many have mental health issues.

Volunteers work together to prepare food to cook.

An elderly woman sleeping on her bed at the Cancer Camp.

Under Trenton Gin's leadership, a team made up of eight volunteers, including doctors and dentists, came to the cancer camp. They spread love, brought a rice donation, taught them English, did activities with children and shadowed visiting medical doctors and dentists. The Cancer Camp is run entirely on donations.

The program is ongoing.

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