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Esports Competitions Help Fund Global Poverty Relief Work

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Esports is a rapidly growing industry and Esports programs have started in more and more universities.

As Esports have started gaining the attention of the masses, various colleges and universities have created Esports facilities with complementary curriculum to promote the gaming industry as a college sport with Esports leagues and tournaments. Some of the programs actively recruit players, allowing students to directly apply to the college as an Esports hopeful.

“I have discovered that through Esports, I can leverage the popularity of the sport as entertainment as well as competition to benefit people and families in need. Our teams compete at the highest level, perfecting our teamwork, developing leadership, and demonstrating sportsmanship. All individual and team earning and awards are donated to charitable organizations.” -Trenton Gin, founder and CEO of Golden Land Restoration Foundation.

With much at stake, “Team Liquid” seeks a potential LCS three-peat. “TSM” attempts to return to their championship legacy. “Jensen” is determined to finally lift his first LCS trophy. Who will emerge as the best in the LCS and move on to represent North America at the Mid-Season Invitational?

The excitement grows. The competition is intense. The Esports athletes are ready. Let the games begin!

Golden Land Restoration Foundation is planning to host an Esports competition and is launching a fundraiser from participants and spectators. The funds raised will be used for relief in impoverished areas in USA and Myanmar.

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