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Bago, Myanmar and the Effect of Landmines

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Myanmar still has a lot of active and undetonated landmines remaining from World War II. Many soldiers and civilians have stepped on these landmines and lost limbs or lost their vision. The Burmese government provided these victims parcels of land and allowed them live there without cost. some ex-soldiers receive some rice rations from the government while others do not. Most of them are not able find work and live in poverty. The landmines have caused some crops and water sources to be polluted. In Myanmar, neither healthcare nor education is universal.

The man in the picture lost both eyes and arms from a landmine when he was a boy. He is building a chair using wood and natural fibers with skills that were taught to him at the village.

Children living in the landmine village are being asked what they want. Their only response is "rice".

A dirt road in the Landmine Village.

We met with many people that lost their legs due to landmines.

This man lost his job because of the loss of a leg.

There are also many orphans here. Because of the long-term civil war, many children have lost their fathers. Since their mothers are unable to raise them, they are abandoned. Some children are abandoned because of landmine injuries and blindness.

Golden Land Restoration Foundation encourages donation from businessmen who travel to Yangon from other Asia countries. We use the donations to buy rice for those in the Landmine Village. This is an ongoing project.

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