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A Community Called Suicide City in Hong Kong

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Have you ever heard of a community called Suicide City?

It's not a thriller story; it really exists in Hong Kong.

Here is the story of this community:

Tin Shuiwai is a community located in Yuan Lang, Hong Kon. Yuan Lang's education, transportation, work and other resources are very scarce, in this low-income community. According to the 2004-2006 Government Survey, Hong Kong as a country has the largest number of unemployed people proportionate to its population in the world. The largest amount of assistance and the largest number of comprehensive assistance cases handled is in Tin Shuiwai. According to a suicide prevention coalition, Tin Shuiwai is the area in Hong Kong with the highest suicide rate. In September 2020, a naked baby girl with an umbilical cord still attached was found dead next to a trash can in Tin Shuiwai.

A homeless woman with her cat in Hong Kong.

There is a growing homeless community in Hong Kong.

In July 2015, Golden Land Restoration Foundation formed a team of 22 people and participated in humanitarian work in Hong Kong. We visited the schools in TIn Shuiwai, visited a homeless shelter, and served food to the low-income elderly. We served over 300 people in Tin Shuiwai to share a message of positivity and God's love. The citizens and volunteers sang songs, danced, and shared stories. We set up a basketball camp, and we held cooking classes to help them build self confidence and community.

The team sharing in song and dance at a school in Hong Kong's Suicide City.

We handed out free supplements for the elderly living in low-income communities.

Youth volunteers are playing games and bringing joy to children living in Suicide City.

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