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Canada: So Close and Yet Still Foreign

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Golden Land Restoration Foundation's first visit to Canada was in 2014. Together with a group called Salvation Of All People (SOAP), we visited the cities of Vancouver, Calgary, and Brooks, Canada. We visited a local senior living facility to talk to the elderly who suffered from loneliness and a lack of community. In the Brooks Community Center, which caters to many immigrant communities, we met many Chinese families and children who didn't yet speak English. Our founder and CEO, Trenton Gin, led the children's program for foreign worker families. He got to know the families very well. At the drug rehabilitation centers and the Seafarers' Ministry, Trenton spoke at several meetings to uplift the depressed, lonely, and suicidal persons in the community.

Golden Land Restoration Foundation brought joy to the elderly living in senior homes.

The Salvation of All People team shared God's love at many churches.

People and families living in Brooks Community Center welcomed the team.

At a drug rehabilitation center, the team met with former drug addicts to encourage them to take control of their lives and learn that they are loved.

The team offered support to the Seamen Ministry to bring a sense of home to those that make a living on a ship away from their families.

The volunteers join to share with the current crew of seamen.

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