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    Trenton Gin - Founder and CEO                                                                                                                    Trenton Gin's goal is to bring light to the darkness, wealth to the poor, nutrition to the hungry, recovery to the addicts, education to the youth, and health to the victims of war. He envision a different world - a world that shines with golden land and brings an end to suffering. Through the Golden Land Restoration Foundation, Trenton aims to reach the vast stretches of the world and continue assisting impoverished and oppressed populations in as many countries as possible. Golden Land Restoration Foundation’s reach will will extend its assistance programs in order to have the global impact that It has always strived for. 

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Daw Khin Suu - Advisor

Daw Khin Suu was born and raised in Myanmar. She taught Shan and English in a Burmese high school. (Shan is both an ethnic language as well as the largest ethnic minority in Myanmar). She now lives in Southern California helping others in the Burmese community maintain or rediscover their Burmese culture and heritage. She participates in community events that cultivate Burmese and Shan culture through music and dance. Golden Land Restoration Foundation provides a platform to raise awareness around the needs of Southeast Asian countries. She seeks to bring educational improvements to Southeast Asia and the less developed areas.


Emily Chu - Outreach Coordinator

Emily Chu is currently a college student with a major in Business Administration and Management. She sees business as a vehicle to make an impact on the world and connect with people across nationalities. Through creativity, she infuses an aesthetic perspective in all her endeavors. Golden Land Restoration Foundation immediately resonated with her desire to bring aid to people in need.  She wanted to become a part of this global community and take responsibility for bringing aid to fellow members of the human race.

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Eric Sang - Technology Director


Eric Sang studied Business and Technology with a concentration in Computer Science and Information Systems. With a desire to connect culture and technology in Asia, he found that Golden Land Restoration Foundation was an excellent way for him to give back to his heritage and community. He also supports local community fund raising efforts for refugees and immigrants by volunteering as a photographer and hosting community events. 

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